General Information for Suppliers

Working with us

We are a partner and customer to some of the most successful companies in Australia and North America and are interested in partnering with suppliers who can help us create value. If you’d like to work with us, or have any feedback on your engagement with us to date, please contact our Procurement Operations team.

Terms & Conditions (T & Cs)

 Australian Supplier Standard T&Cs (PDF)
 USA Supplier Standard T&Cs (PDF)

Additional information for suppliers

 Supplier Sustainability Code of Practice (PDF)

Transurban is a signatory to the Business Council of Australia’s (BCA) Supplier Payment Code. Should you have any questions around our participation in this Code or queries around the status of a payment under this Code, please contact our accounts payable team at

 Transurban Whistleblower Policy (PDF)  and our Whistleblower Service (link).

Information for suppliers and contractors working on our sites

We operate roads in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia; in the Washington DC area of Virginia in the United States; and in Montreal in Canada.

Anyone who undertakes work on Transurban sites (including our roadside assets and our corporate premises) is required to submit a permit application and obtain a Transurban Authority to Work Permit (ATW Permit) prior to access or commencing on-site work. ATW Permit holders and their personnel must comply with approved ATW Permits (including all ATW Permit conditions) as a condition to accessing Transurban sites. Note: Prior to applying for an ATW permit an applicant must complete the online Transurban HSE Contractor Induction.

Transurban ATW Permits - How do I apply?

Anyone can apply online for a Transurban ATW Permit using the new access or work permit application in Transurban’s asset management system, Maximo.

The end-to-end process consists of three phases: Register, Apply and Submit.

  1. Register

    All parties applying for an ATW Permit are required to first register with Maximo.  

    New suppliers and contractors must ensure their companies are registered in Maximo. If your company is not registered, refer to the section on registering a company within ATW Access and Work Permit Guide.

  2. Apply

    Once registered you will be provisioned with credentials to log in and apply for a permit.

  3. Submit

    Once your ATW permit application has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email. Please allow 10 days for processing.

For further information and assistance with the end-to-end process, please refer to our step-by-step ATW Access and Work Permit Guide (PDF) with detailed instructions. Otherwise, please contact our ATW support team at or the Transurban Maximo Helpdesk for assistance on 1300 166 214 (in Australia) or (855) 337 5880 (in North America).

Currently the system can be used for all of our Australian and US Corporate premises and roadside assets, except the following:


How to apply for an ATW Permit

NSW M4 West, M4 East, M5 South West and Westlink M7

Contact M4 West, M4 East, M5 South West and Westlink M7 operators directly.

Montreal A25

Contact A25 operators directly.

Transurban HSE Contractor Induction - How do I complete this?

To find out more on completing the Transurban HSE Contractor Induction, please refer to the supporting information contained within the Transurban Induction Work Instruction (PDF).

 Register here to undertake the Transurban HSE Contractor Induction.

Information for developers

To obtain further information in connection with development works that may impact on Transurban assets, please email us at

Where do I go for support?

For ATW Permit application and Transurban HSE Induction related enquiries, please email the Transurban Maximo Helpdesk team at or call 1300 166 214 (in Australia) or (855) 337 5880 (in North America).

Or please refer to our FAQ page to view frequently asked questions and answers relating to both the ATW Permit application process and the Transurban HSE Induction process.

By registering for access or logging into these systems, you agree to the Transurban Terms of Use and the Transurban Privacy Policy. If you do not agree, you should not proceed.