Improving neighbourly relations is the focus of Australia’s largest study on community engagement and infrastructure delivery.

Transurban has partnered with Australian National University’s Next Generation Engagement Team on its Flagship Research Project – The International Infrastructure and Engagement Case Centre.

The program, believed to be the largest of its kind in the world, aims to improve the relationship between communities and infrastructure projects.

Australia is currently experiencing the highest level of infrastructure spending since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Current estimates show an unprecedented $100 billion program of infrastructure projects is under way. With this level of investment, best practice community engagement standards need to be established and adopted across industry.

In a unique partnership, Next Gen researchers will be hosted at Transurban to gain an inside perspective on community engagement in the infrastructure sector. Transurban will also work with Next Gen’s other industry partners to help shed light on how healthy community relationships can improve infrastructure delivery.

The International Infrastructure and Engagement Case Centre will provide industry with data needed to help inform best practice community engagement. For information project please visit