As COVID-19 restrictions start to ease in some parts of Australia, we’re focusing our support on people who have lost their jobs or had their working hours reduced as a result of the pandemic.

Since April we’ve provided over $4.5 million worth of free travel to thousands of workers, including frontline healthcare and emergency service workers who, at the height of the pandemic, were putting themselves in high risk situations to help the community. Around 21,000 people have received toll credits via this initiative.

We know that nearly 600,000 people lost their jobs in April alone, and not everyone has a job or the same number of hours to return to. So, as parts of the country start to reopen, we’re focusing our support on economic recovery and helping people who have been doing it tough, like job seekers and people reopening their businesses

From July the toll credit program will provide up to three months toll credit to people who have been impacted by COVID-19 through unemployment or through significantly reduced hours or income. This will put hundreds of dollars back into the pockets of people who need a hand getting back to work.

Eligible customers are those affected by COVID-19, including:

  • Customers who lost their job and are still unemployed
  • Customers who have experienced significantly reduced hours or income
  • Small business owners with fewer than 20 employees who have experienced significantly reduced income
  • Customers being supported by Linkt Assist whose situation has worsened – this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

So whether it’s driving to a job interview or dealing with reduced work hours, if our roads can help someone get back to work quickly and more safely, then we can support them with toll credits.    

Applications for the next round of the toll credit program are now open, and Linkt Assist support continues to be available for people who may not be eligible.

Visit the Linkt website for further information and application details

Updated 8 July 2020

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