Through the 395 Express Lanes project, Transurban has committed to providing a continued funding source for public transport in the Northern Virginia region investing US$15 million annually over the life of the 395 Express Lanes concession which equates to $2.7 billion in transit funding. 

Transurban has publically advocated for investment in and development of integrated transport networks as essential to the future transport needs of our growing cities. Without substantial investment in transportation, including roads, rail and active transport projects, many of our cities are facing a future of gridlock.

Transurban’s Group General Manager in North America, Jennifer Aument said the project will provide US $15M annually, in transit investment payments to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“This is a substantial investment to facilitate increased funding for transit options along Interstate 95 and 395. The annual investment will help improve mobility and throughput, transit services and multimodal solutions in the corridor.”

“Efficient transportation is vital to the operation of all cities, and we are pleased to know that our annual transit investment in the greater Washington D.C. area will go towards supporting and planning for enhanced access by public transport for this region” said  Aument.

More information is provided in Transurban’s FY17 Sustainability Report