10 December 2018

Findings from our Sydney CAV trials are now available

Many of the findings are consistent with those seen in previous trials, however there were a few that appeared unique to the Sydney Orbital Network.

10 December 2018

Gateway Upgrade North supporting seagrass restoration

The Gateway Upgrade North (GUN) project is working to restore and protect seagrass habitats in Moreton Bay, which play a critical ecological role as habitat and nursery for young fish, dugongs and sea turtles.

6 December 2018

Latest from our US CAV trials

Demonstrating Bundled Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Applications on US Managed Express Lanes.

4 December 2018

Carpool challenge winner: OfficePool

OfficePool was named the winner of the Banksia Foundation and Transurban Carpool Challenge at the Banksia Awards in Melbourne.

22 November 2018

Carpool challenge finalists announced

We’ve partnered with the Banksia Foundation to crowd source an idea to help encourage carpooling on our roads.

24 October 2018

Students get a lift with ballet

More than 2,000 students from 10 Brisbane schools will have access to free ballet workshops, delivered by Queensland Ballet in partnership with Transurban Queensland. 

11 October 2018

More help for financially vulnerable toll road customers

Our LinkAssist team will be there to help when customers are going through tough times.

11 October 2018

September quarter update 2018

We've released our September quarter 2018 update. During the period, Average Daily Traffic (ADT) increased by 3.3%, with growth across all markets.

11 October 2018

2018 Sustainability Report

Our new report is now out. Aligning our activities with the Global Reporting Initiative and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we’re looking to bring a big picture perspective to our operations.

10 October 2018

CAVs hit the roads of Brisbane

Today we launched connected and automated vehicles (CAV) trials in Brisbane.

The trial will involve partially automated vehicles and will build on our trials in Victoria and New South Wales.