Teaming up to drive real change






Road Safety Specialist

Teaming up to drive real change








Road Safety Specialist

We’re always open to new thinking and innovative solutions for getting people from A to B – and we also want to help create inclusive employment opportunities within our industry. So we’re focusing our social investment efforts on partnerships that will drive inclusion and diversity.

Our three investment areas

  1. Safe and accessible transport

    We invest in activities that promote safe driving, prevent injury on the roads, and ensure people can connect, through transport, with work, family and the wider community.

  2. Local communities

    We invest in local communities (communities located directly along our road network) by supporting causes that are important to residents and by partnering with organisations that help mitigate the impact of large infrastructure projects on the environment.

  3. Education and training

    We invest in vocational training opportunities for disadvantaged communities and invest in activities encouraging diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education.

What it takes to partner with us

Grant and partnership applications

Throughout the year we offer grants to organisations working hard to make a real difference in the community.

Find out if your organisation is eligible, and how to apply.

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Light up our bridges for an important cause

Have a cause you’d like to see up in lights? Apply to change the light colours on:

Our bridge lights can help raise awareness for all kinds of eligible causes and not-for-profit groups. Some examples include:

  • Carers Week
  • World Diabetes Day
  • International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • Road Safety Week
  • NAIDOC Week

We can also promote charitable causes and events through electronic message boards located along our road network.

Find out if your cause is eligible.
Contact us and apply

Joining forces for good

In Queensland we host an annual charity day to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities South East Queensland. Over seven years this event has raised in excess of $1 million for this charity that provides a home away from home for families with seriously ill children.

Also in Queensland we donate one cent from every toll collected on Legacy Way to Legacy Australia, a charity providing services to Australian families suffering financially or socially during or after defence force service. 

In Melbourne we support the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Good Friday Appeal through the Run for the Kids fun run event. As well as giving financial support, we also open our roads for the event so participants can run or walk through the Domain Tunnel and over the Bolte Bridge. We’ve helped raise more than $18.6 million for the hospital since the event began in 2006.

In Sydney we partner with NeuRA in researching road safety at the Transurban Road Safety Centre.

Across all of our Australian markets we work with a partner organisation to deliver driver training programs to the disadvantaged. In Sydney we support The Salvation Army Drive for Life program and Blue Datto. In Melbourne it’s the Transurban Drivelink program in Mooney Valley and the Women at the Wheel in Queensland. These programs all work to help people obtain their licence, which ultimately will better connect them to their community.

In Greater Washington we’re working with Union by 1776 to deliver the Transurban Smart Highways Challenge. This program connects transport technology start-ups with experts in the field to develop new products and approaches to vehicle monitoring, smart transportation and road safety.

Transurban Road Safety Centre research partnership

Airbags and other safety features protect passengers in the front of a vehicle. But what about rear seat passengers – how can we better protect them? And how about about seatbelt covers, beaded seat covers, and other comfort aids. Do they prevent or cause injuries in a crash? What can be done to improve safety for motorcyclists?

These are some of the questions we’re investigating through the Transurban Road Safety Centre with our research partner Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA).

NeuRA is an internationally recognised leader in brain and nervous system research and has a strong focus on road safety. The NeuRA team is exploring practical injury prevention strategies to prevent and reduce serious injuries and deaths on the road.

Housed at NeuRA’s headquarters in Randwick, the Transurban Road Safety Centre combines world-class research with state-of-the-art facilities. It includes a crash test sled capable of reaching real-life crash speeds and cameras that can record up to 1200 frames per second, allowing researchers to see what occurs in collisions.

Research topics

During our three-year partnership, NeuRA is testing road-safety issues including:

  • the effects of comfort aiders (such as beaded seat covers) on aged driver and passenger safety
  • motorcyclist safety and motorcycle design
  • rear-seat occupant safety and restraint systems

We will report on NeuRA’s findings and recommendations as the research progresses.











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